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One of the most primary concerns for your landscape should be proper water drainage. Subpar water flow, shifting foundations, molds, fungi, and insect infestations are all issues that arise when you do not address drainage issues.

The cause of drainage problems can be difficult to identify, but you will certainly notice telltale signs when drainage problems do pop up. Drainage systems provide many benefits for your residential or commercial landscape, including:

• Reducing erosion
• Preventing serious and costly foundation issues
• Reducing issues with standing water such as mosquitoes and other flying insects
• Eliminating the growth of mold, algae and other potentially troublesome growths
• Preventing damage to retaining walls and other landscape features

At Casey's Landscaping, we encourange our customers to inspect their property routinely. If you have damp spots, musty odors, or soil erosion in different location, it is important to call on our professionals immediately. To reduce wasted water, our technicians can install drainage systems that capture and store any water that cannot be absorbed when it is initially distributed. By preventing the evaporation of excess water and making it available for recycling or reuse, our customers reduce waste and lower the operating cost of their irrigation systems.

Poor drainage can undermine the very soil that vegetation depends upon for growth. Our systems channel excess water, ensuring our clients’ lawns and fields are not affected by rutting or lost nutrients. Proper drainage is especially important when fertilizers and pesticides are being used. We help you ensure your enterprise is meeting all relevant environmental standards.

Drainage systems are specifically designed to meet the drainage needs of your landscape. Each component of your system needs to be placed and installed properly to ensure maximum efficiency. Putting together a proper drainage system starts with determining the path of drainage within your landscape. Drainage ditches and pipes are then installed to direct the flow of runoff and prevent water from building up in certain areas of your landscape.

Once a drainage system is installed, it is important to maintain your system. This includes regular inspection of your drainage areas to ensure that runoff is being directed where it should go. You should have your drainage system inspected at least once a year or following a severe storm that may have done some damage to your drainage system.

The drainage systems that Casey's Landscaping provides to property owners are the most advanced available. Contact us and get a free estimate today!

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